Mass housing 3rd 14th December 2013

As the saying goes change is the only thing constant, rhetorically the statement itself should have changed over the year
Now my project has seen to minister for the ministry of land housing and urban development or at least for the moment a minister and now a permanent secretary, the idea now is that they ( the ministers ) where removed for under performing but how is under performance defined, you set goals at specific dates or a time frame but the time passes yet you don’t have a reasonable excuse.  Enough of all that I had an agreement with a surveying firm in kano ( name withheld ) went through the rough terrain of state of emergency at yola to a point of we had to travel close to 75km to get a simple phone call, then even wuen the networks are at their best the civil sarvant subsricbe to a separate network and are alway not reachable.  We went to offices blindly only hope was the weapon we possessed, but yes we carried it with faith still went to the adamawa state minstry of urban development spoke with the director f physical planning, he ( the director ) was fund of excitement about our prospective project. A very simple process from the state government then you again wonder why the state is this underdeveloped all you need to build a house anywhere in adamawa state is a drawing plan with N11, 500 per block . We left the state with a proper documentation submitting a copy of our drawing and the paper work from the mabushi and yola office of the ministry of land housing and urban development only to get to site for inspection with the state cordinator to find out that all the beacons on site is completely different from what we have got on paper which implies that that doesnt tally with that on our drawings ( major setback ), not forgetting their is no network at the time in the state so we carried on with the same faith left a note for the surveyor in the ministry and lett for the land of full network.
Now the next step forward was to seek clarification from the ministry’s headquarters where we where told that the department of cartography was now involved and the clock had being turned back because we need to start these documentation over again.
So the financiers started their own side of the story but yet I have lrft out major parts of these nigerian housing story until next time.


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