mass housing yola

In the light of day we were commissioned to build these houses on for we (the projects department limited ) to realize that for a scheme like this to success we really have to put in the way of ceaser that which belongs to him
Yes by implication even by these a lot of diplomacy and beaucary where taken out of the scheme but well crafted long served vertian civil servant will always bring these thing back through the rear door.
Developers where nominated out of first alternative materials that made the houses affordable, the ministry is the parent body of the federal mortgage bank ( the mortgage bank will take its own chapter) second the possible access of the National Housing Fund (NHF) which every government worker is expected to be a contributor (but now the loans are suspended due to staff touting; again in that chapter)
We(the projects department ltd) have spent the last 16month running correspondence from Abuja-Kano to Yola, where in Kano we got very willing credible financiers, they require us to make available documentation on progress where we expect them to come in and what percentage of interest will come forth from that investment.
We submitted our proposal using the alternative building material we were sure it will cost construction cost by a whopping 70% (labor cost) then material cost by 45% then for infrastructure we intended since the scheme was designed for the lowest income earners the land use to be allocated would have being Highly dense populated area ( major issue is all or most federal government land located within states are in GRA (government reserved area) which are always loosely populated with only access to develop a little less than 35% of the land
On the issue of the award it was clearly stated a 6.5 ha located in Yola Adamawa and again clearly stated “the land is un-encumbered” as part and the only contribution of the federal government, for the land the federal government expected got confirmation from the Adamawa state government that they will pay compensation to the local custodians of land which was informing the unencumbered status stated on the award letter
In the event of our arrival in Jemeta Yola the situation with the land takes us on a new spiritual journey


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